In treno

italienisch // italian // italiano Guardo dal finestrino i sassi marroni tra i binari.  Sembrano corde nervose, manovrate da un tessitore frenetico. Poi, a un tratto, il loro accavallarsi si fa piú lento, le scie brune meno tese. Pare che comincino a vibrare. Poi i sassi, come molecole agitate, si sciolgono da quel magma vibrante […]

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Ancestral rituals

Three weeks ago I headed through Mexico City with three of my fellows. In Culhuacàn some dancers found our best attention. In 2016 they worship their ancestors once a week after work. No fancy ancient clothes, little tourists stopping for watching and taking pictures (except us!). Minor accessories besides plumes and some fruits, monotonous beats and sweet melodies from simple […]

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Driverless Mobility

Driverless, CO²-neutral and intelligent mobility has become a salient issue for cities all around the world. In fact cities all around the world have learned they have to focus on mobility whenever trying to contribute to an ecologically sustainable future. It’s a sector where significant results can be achieved easily, hermful emmissions are tried to be […]

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Sinn City: Inoffizieller Urban Future Conference Guide

Gemeinsam mit Thomas Stollenwerk, Ulrich Fries und Jonathan Fetka haben wir beschlossen, es mit mehr urbanen Inhalten im Biorama zu versuchen. Beginnen wollten wir mit ein paar Texten (die natürlich nicht nur von uns geschrieben wurden), aber auch mit einem inoffiziellem Guide für die Urban Future Konferenz, die vom 02.-03.03.2016 in Graz stattfindet. Ich freue mich […]

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