About Danube Region.

Great Stream – in this sense: large, long and broad river – is supposed to bbe the transnlation of the maybe Celtic name of the Danubia, which reads similarily in all the European languages: Danubius, Danube, Donau, Duna, Dunava, Dunarea, Tuna and so on.“ Weithmann 2011, S. 10

„Street, bridge, border – these three aims, these three dominant purposes the Danube has represented throughout the last 3000 years run like a thread through the Danube’s history. […] The contradictory function of the rover show the immense complexity of the entire Danube area when referring to history and culture. It shows the inconsistent, differential interior history, which moreover always has been determined massively from outside, namely by the imperialistic great powers in East and West, whether Latin Rome, Byzantine and later Ottoman Constantinople, Habsburg Vienna, Prussian-German Berlin or Slav-Orthodox, later Soviet Russian Moscow.“ Weithmann 2011, S.11

Here you find some an @instagram video about a light installation to communicate from one river side to another.

In July I spent 12 days in Slovakia and Hungary. I joined the DANUrB Danube Days in Sturovo and Esztergom, relaxed at a beautiful day at Budapests‘ Szechnyi Baths and attended an exciting DRC Summer School in Pécs. But I also took some photographs from cities, sights and situations in the region. For more photographs check my flickr.

Weithmann, Michael. The Danube: A European River as a Street, Bridge and Frontier – An Introductory Essay. In: Tarrósy István, Milford Susan (Hrsg.): EU Strategy for the Danube Region. Publikon 2011.


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