Ancestral rituals

Three weeks ago I headed through Mexico City with three of my fellows. In Culhuacàn some dancers found our best attention. In 2016 they worship their ancestors once a week after work. No fancy ancient clothes, little tourists stopping for watching and taking pictures (except us!). Minor accessories besides plumes and some fruits, monotonous beats and sweet melodies from simple but (to me) unknown instruments. It was a come together, a dance – exhausting and empowering at the same time for those participating somewhere within the world’s highest located capital and megacity.

Thinking about what we have experienced at Culhuacàn I have the feeling in Europe we somehow lost to many of our traditions. As a person without strong creed in ancestral and religious traditions, observing this ritual made me feel somehow sorry for our fast-paced urban dystopia, where too many everyday traditions in the unconventional public space were lost. In Europe we ask for dedicated occasions – the older I grow, the more I understand this as a loss.

If your interested in more pictures about selected parts of Mexico City follow this link!



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