Driverless Mobility

Driverless, CO²-neutral and intelligent mobility has become a salient issue for cities all around the world. In fact cities all around the world have learned they have to focus on mobility whenever trying to contribute to an ecologically sustainable future. It’s a sector where significant results can be achieved easily, hermful emmissions are tried to be kept at the outside of city borders.

While some car producers have only recently detected the innovation and marketing potential of emmission-cutting technologies, others increased their efforts on the autonomisation of traffic. However, the point is, that automized and green traffic will sustainably reduce our fair earth share only if providing suitable answers for group and/ or mass transportation systems that work also in regions where sharing concepts might be difficult to implement. How can we find ecologically sound transportation systems for areas where railtracks are to expansive?

A possible revolution for remote regions and areas is provided by NAVYA. It is the first fully autonomous vehicle. It carries up to 15 (!) and reaches a topspeed of 45 km/h. The project pilot was tested in 2015 in Bordeaux – follow the videolink to see what happened.

PS: this is not sponsored content, thus I named the product only once 🙂


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