Back to Vietnam.

Sunday evening I surfed the web: Back to Vietnam – right now! Some impressive shots from Hanoi caught my attention. Made by a photographer based in South-East Asia; at least seven years living in Hanoi. The pictures represent these different tastes and colours of Hanoi and for me they also represent Vietnam more generally. Some people may sue me for mixing up the city with a country; I’m sure there are good reasons why Aaron Joel Santos names his blogpost the way he does! Awesome also his other documentary photography.

Then there is a short documentary related to the EU-funded research project Nopoor. Most of it shot in Hanoi. It offers insight to topics hidden in Vietnamese public. People living in Vietnam develop strategies in order to resist humiliating practices; informal labour market is a huge issue.

Three years after my first and only visit to Vietnam I’m still fascinated, also by wath I’ve learned and seen in Hanoi.



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