Imagine a Europe creating opportunities

For almost thirty days I’ve been offline and somehow off-news. Originally I had planned to travel from Athens via Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia to Vienna. Plans are made to be adapted. Indeed I spent a week sailing in the Gulf of Athens, one in Regensburg and a final one in Bolzano. On my journey from Regensburg to Bolzano I met a teacher on the train. We had a good conversation on developments in South Tyrol, Italy and other European regions. In 5 hours we shared two Brezen, some Bionade  and a couple of candies. Both of us were news-abstinent at this time and therefore deprived from everyday political debates.

Now I’m back into everyday life. Some days ago I started reading headlines again and discussed different issues with great people. The teacher, a catholic women in her mid-sixties, told me about her experiences with integration at school, critizising authorities for lack of long-term perspectives addressing challenges related to migration. But having a vision is the solution for succesful integration processes. In that she agreed to my personal understanding of a 21st century society. Together with other people she claimed a new European integration strategy for equal citizens; nevermind the countries they originaly migrated from.

Past – Present

When I left, migrants crossed inner and outer European boarders. The freedom of movement in Europe had become a hot topic; more than ever before. At the telegraph Christopher Booker published a comment focusing on the British situation. I’d also like to remember the Austrian way. Traiskirchen had become a synonym for asylum seekers treatment in European top member states. Don’t forget southern European boarders; don’t forget police investigations on busses and trains: inner European boarders have become more sensitive again.

Today I’m back in Vienna and nothing changed. A solution light was provided for many symptoms of the increasing migrant streams. Some migrants were shifted, the number of inhabitants at detention centres were stabilizied. Civil society started to interact and help. It seems less people die when trying to overcome boarders in this moment. But what now – do we still hope that after having a good night, enjoying sweet dreams we will weak up and all this challenges appear to be won? Macedonia opened its boarders these days and migrant streams in Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Malta and Greece won’t stop.

Where are visions for a common European migration policy? 

Dear representatives – it’s up to you creating a uniform migration policy suported by enough resources to make newcomers feel welcome in Europe. These people gonna stay for long time. They should have the opportunity to be themselves on a continent proud on enlightened liberal standards. They should be welcomed in a way European citizens don’t feel unpriviledged. They should take part as people in society, enriching our Union every day. For a long-term policy in a 21st century society it is more about opportunities then help. Give them the possibility to pay back for the personal safety and wellbeing guaranteed in their new hometown. I’m sure they’ll turn grateful and proud.


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