What’s new in Biomilano?!

Italy seems to be incresingly concerned with restoring its dignity. The breakdown of Costa Concordia, a corrupt and partly racist political elite, the waste economy mismanagement, refugee and migrants dramatics in the maritime boarders and a notorious lack of money are only some occurances that lately influenced the outside perception of Italy.

Although I personally prefer refusing the discourse dignity in relation to nation states it has been seen that since the 2013 elections brought some changes. A slight relax of the economic situation created a new spirit where architects, city managements and investors  want to contribute. Today I’d like to feed you with an innovative project coming from Italy: the vertical forest.

Bosco Verticale, 2015. Photographed by Mario Mantel
Bosque Vertical, 2015. Photographed by Mario Mantel

Beyond EXPO 2015 with plenty of sustainable and climate neutral pavillions, BIOMILANO is becoming a new reference for future urban restructuration projects. With his masterplan for six possible urban restructuration projects in and around Milan, star architect Stefano Boeri addresses a sensitive topic and aims at contributing to the discussion of how to make cities smarter in the 21st century. The most prominent of his projects, partly under construction, is Bosco verticale – a vertical forest. It’s the first time someone on earth is trying to make the idea of vertical forests become reality.

A short documentary at Discovery Channel gives an overview of challanges that arised in the construction process. I think it’s a project that now needs to grow – but it also deserves closer attention also from outside of Italy.


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