Seestadt in Progress

It’s almost one and a half year that I’ve last been to Seestadt Aspern, future satellite city between Vienna and Bratislava. Last time there weren’t much things built yet, but you may hae a look here. The new city quarter is built for more than 25.000 people, that should once live there together in an artificially created urban environment at the outskirts of the central European capital. Little amount of cars, a lake in the center, dense buildings and high-quality work places are part of the concpt for how to create a city quarter that interconnects human needs in the most sustainable way . For a more detailed outlook on the project watch here (in German).

Together with two friends of mine I went to Seestadt Aspern in order to document work in progress. She’s an architect, he’s an urban planner. Together we agree: we’ll see results only in the end. In this moment Seestadt Aspern is probably one of the most ambitious urban planning projects in central Europe. That’s how we made reference to the scenery.







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