Need for Change!

Italian politicians meet up with the intention to bring the state back on the straight and narrow. It’s time for change – this is was prime minister Matteo Renzi highlights on a daily basis. Beyond economic and structural reforms of the political and fiscal system Italy overslept its own internationalisation. It’s time to change the Italian citizenship law and thankfully the parliament started to revisit the topic again.

Based on a law elaborated in 1912 latest rather restrictive amendments have been made in 1992. Uncountable times more liberal approaches have been presented to the parlamentary audience. Most recently former integration minister Cecile Kyenge had to face racist encroachements when starting to promote ius soli for citizenship policy in 2013.

The everyday hustle in the Italian metropoles shows how important the adaption of the citizenship law is. Plenty of people who never visited their country of citizenship live in Italian towns but still need to apply for time-limited residency. On the other hand people born, raised and living in territories which are not afflilliated to the Italian nation state gain Italian citizenship – following a classical ius sanguinis approach. The short movie ITALENAS tells the story of two migrants but represents the reality of thousands of people living in Italy. The movie is available onlySpanish with Italian subtitles.

According to the ASTAT national statistical office today more than 70% of all Italian citizens would support the promotion of long-term asylees and espescially their children towards regular citizens. The inclusion of marginalized internationals would signify the acceptance of a postmodern reality and help to promote a society whose members are no longer afraid of being thrown out. Changes in the citizenship policy would establish Italy as a socio-cultural melting pot where various kinds of investments are likely to be brought in by „new“ citizens. No worries the adaption of the citizenship law would make the Italian society more equal without putting into danger political, economic and financial objectives.


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