Tom Slater’s Top 10 urban studies books

In a recent blogpost at Urban Geography, Tom Slater listed and commented on 10 of his top books regarding urban studies. Within the catalogue Slater deals with mostly academic books, whereas some are considered as top readings which he consideres as „intellectually transformative“, while others attain distinction as „emotionally stirring“ lectures.
Tom Slater since 2013 is a reader in urban geography at the University of Edinburgh and focuses on gentrification, urban inequality and marginality, as well as on social class and welfare reforms.
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Urban Geography

Editor’s note: Tom’s words below make up the first entry in our first series for this blog, where we ask members of the Urban Geography editorial board to select and comment on their top 10 books in urban studies.

Tom Slater is Reader in Urban Geography at the University of Edinburgh, and has written extensively on questions of gentrification and displacement, urban marginality, territorial stigmatisation, and welfare reform.


This was an extraordinarily difficult yet very enjoyable assignment. I dislike intensely the league table and ranking culture that has permeated academic life under its neoliberal assault, but as I work on my latest book this task gave me a welcome opportunity to reflect upon the ingredients that make ‘books on and of cities’ memorable. I began scanning my office bookshelves and 10 minutes later I had pulled out 37 books for the shortlist!  I then decided upon two criteria to…

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