Ethnocineca 2013 – Trailer

Today I’d like to introduce Ethnocineca 2013. The Festival starts at Tuesday, May 14th and lasts for 4 days – you should consider to drop in at this small but powerfull event. Again the festival organized by Ethnocineca and the Department for Cultural and Social Anthropology of the University of Vienna invites the audience to be part of the event and organized much more than just screenings: „We need to see the world from as many perspectives as possible“. Once more the festival offers several possibilities to dunk into topics which are also discussed on the blog. I’ll therefor give you a short overview of a selection:

  • Photo Exhebition of Gianmaria Giava, Spring/Summer – 2008

In his artwork the photografer discusses the consequences of production processes in a world which is often considered to be modern. Spring/ Summer 2008 is a series of portraits from street vendors at the Tuscan coastline and plays with identity, illegality and advertisment meanwhile the economic crisis.

Documentary by Gaetano Crivato and Margherita Pisano, Good Buy Roma – 2011
For many years an old military base in the centre of Rome had been abandoned, there was nobody anymore. It’s now more than hunderd families from three continents which occupied and are  living at Via del Porto Fluviale, fighting for their right to the city.

Film by Chris Christodoulou, One More Kiss – 2012
Due to Alzheimers disease a greek couple decided to divide. Taki and Tina had passed half a century togehter in love and hate but it recently became impossible to cope with the situation. It’s about growing older, health care and relationships in our society – it’s a documentary which may requests some further reflections.

Docu-animation by Victor Orozco Ramirez, Reality – 2.0
This ducumentary animation shows drug based violence and daily excess on mexican streets. But it’s different: the visitor is asked to recognize the human being behind characters which are considered to be those who make Mexico one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Of course those are just some of the movies which are going to be presented at the Festival. For a more detailed program see here.


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