Look it up! „Anthropology of Work Review“

Look it up! „Anthropology of Work Review“

Hi there,

It’s time to announce a new issue of the Anthropology of Work Review journal. Even tough I’m usually not too much into the anthropology of work,  the death of more than 112 Bangladeshi factory labourers in November 2012, made me (as well as the Review Journal) up to open some space to this topic. Because of the long-standing poor workmanship the recent virtual issue of the Anthropology of Work Review concentrates on the global apparel industry and considers to rethink working conditions and it’s impact on the societies.

Therefore I’d like to especially recommend two articles which deal with identity as well as cultural formation. All available articles can be downloaded here.

The first article I’d like to announce has been first published in 2008 by Caitrin Lynch and demonstrates the interrelation between working procedures and the building of a modern identity. „Good Girls or Juki Girls – Learning and Identity in Garment Factories“ describes women from Sri Lanka, which do not just work within the garment-industry, but much more consider themselves as a part of the new modern society. However, their modern being should be coherent with traditional as well…

Also the second article by Frances Rothstein had been published first in 2008. „Flexible Work and Postmodern Culture: The Impact of Globalization on Work and Culture in Rural Mexico“ is based on awe-inspiring 25 years of fieldwork. The fieldwork embodied the consequences of the shift from a Fordist society towards a Post-Fordist society, where people and its rural society needed to adopt spillover effects of flexible working conditions. Postmodern culture and politics of identity seem to confronted with growing disparity…


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