Lagos – metropolitan urban planning

While more and more people settle at informal satellite cities nearby Lagos, the local government has planned the longterm uprisal of the metropolis. A revanchist logic which appeared first in the former Fordist regions does now affect also sub-Saharan Lagos, economical engine of Nigeria. It’s mostly the poorest of the society, which are forced to move to the outer borroughs of the city, while the more central side is getting officially restructured. As restructuring is highly dependent on financial capital a private-public partnership had been established. Artificial islands, new housing areas for the often white-skinned upper class and significant skyscrapers for the financial sector will be constructed in order to change the city’s skyline and image of Lagos.

Watching the promotional video for the project „Eko Atlantik“ should remind us to rethink the implications of delocalized capital flows in the housing sector and urban planning in a more general sense. Which are the effects of such ambitious construction project? And why are there existing serious differences between local and delocalized financial capital in the real estate sector?

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